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Monday, September 15, 2014

Fanning Springs, Underwater Pictures, and 4H Project Books

Today, was my Father in Law's last day with us, before he goes back to NY. We decided to take him to Fanning Springs, and as you can see on a Monday we had the place to ourselves. Unfortunately it started to thunder pretty quickly after we arrived, and we only got about an hour to enjoy the springs before we had to leave. DJ and Caitlin did get to use the underwater camera we got for them. I can not wait to see how those pictures come out. I haven't used a disposable camera in at least 20 years, or had to have one developed. Grandpa Ed said his goodbyes about 4. Now we have to get ready for the first 4H meeting of the year. Tonight is election night. DJ will most likely be Vice President by the end of the day. He has decided he wants to take guitar lessons with 4H, this year, but no shooting sports. He loves the shooting sports, but it is not a convenient day or time. I am still waiting to hear about the Marine Ecology and when those classes will be held. Both of them have picked their project books. DJ will be starting with Life in the Sea, and Caitlin with The World Around Us 4H Wildlife Book 1. Because we are outside so much, I decided on books that will just come naturally to how we learn and spend our time. If you are a fan of the Charlotte Mason style of learning, 4H and their project books might be perfect for you.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Blue Springs in High Springs

We had a change of plans today. We were going to take Grandpa Ed to Blue Springs on Monday. But, the weather was not looking good for Monday, and the Santa Fe River is beginning to flood. So, we took him to Blue Springs today. It is funny. Every time Grandpa Ed visits from NY, the springs are flooded. This time we beat the flooding. The Santa Fe was flooding parts of the springs. We could not get to Naked Springs, or Lil Blue Springs, but the main Big Blue Springs was still clear, blue and beautiful. We had a wonderful time, and Grandpa Ed finally got to get into the springs. Tomorrow we chill, use the pool, and watch some football.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Last Visit To Saint Augustine Beach For This Summer

My Father in Law, made it safely from NY last evening. We went out to eat to O Sole Mio, in Newberry, which was delicious as usual. It was late, so he only visited for a bit. Today, we took him to Saint Augustine Beach. He loves the ocean, and it was a beautiful day. It was exactly high tide when we got there, so the waves were high, and rough. The guys had a blast getting beat up in the waves, while Caitlin and I enjoyed to more calm waters at the edge. We found some more cool shells, and went to dinner at Outback Steak House after. Everyone is tired, and ready for bed.

Tomorrow we will hang at the house, swim in the pool, and Dairy Queen for ice cream. Oh yeah!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Four Science Experiments on Tuesday

The Marine Biology textbook has several experiments, in each chapter.  This is the lab component of the curriculum and is required in the state of Florida.  Caitlin also had two experiments from her T4L Science lessons.  Since I can not share the actual copies from the book, I will try to find examples similar to what we did, so you can do them in your Science lessons.  The first video is a cloud video, and has nothing to do with experiments.  If your child is learning about Weather, it is a nice video.

I could not find a video for the Marine Biology experiments. So, I will give you a basics of what we did. Experiment 1: The Expansion of Solid Water. You need a bottle of water, a marker, and a freezer. Fill the water bottle about 3/4 of the way full. Mark the spot where the water is with the marker. Put the bottle in the freezer. Make your hypothesis of what you think will happen. Record your findings after the water has frozen.

Experiment 2: Removing the Salt from Salt Water. We have actually done this one before, but it is part of the requirements, so we did it again. You need a pot with one cup of water in it. Turn on the stove and heat the water, but do not boil. Add two tbsp of salt to the water and stir until dissolved. Pour the water into a pie plate or other container. Set outside, usually takes a week or more depending on temperature. Make your hypothesis of what will happen. Record your findings after. Try this in the Winter months also, to see the difference in the results.

I decided I will go back to keeping a daily log, rather than trying to keep up with it on the blog. I would rather keep the blog for fun, and interesting things to share. My Father in Law is coming, so we will not be back to lessons until next Tuesday.