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Monday, October 5, 2015

Ginny Springs, Honeymoon Island and Family Fun

We have been on a short break, because my FIL came to visit from NY. It was still quite hot, when he got here, so we went to Ginny Springs, the first picture, and Honeymoon Island, the second picture. He loves nature, and water.

This was our first time to Ginny Springs, and it was beautiful, and no one there. There are 7 springs actually on the park property, four of which were flooded. This is a private park, so it is more expensive than the state parks.

This was our second trip to Honeymoon Island, but my FIL's first. He loves the ocean. We visited a different part of the park this time, and it was spectacular. He said this was his favorite of all the beaches we have taken him to. Today, we will only get to spend a little bit of time with him before he has to leave for the airport. Tomorrow we will be back to our regular school schedule, and it is cooler so morning walks.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

First Two Biology Labs

I decided to start a Biology course as well, to take the CLEP, along with the Algebra.  I already got through part 1, and took the test.  DJ, for High School, and myself for nursing prereqs require a lab for Biology.  Since I am doing it online, and taking the CLEP, and DJ is taking it online, I am following the labs that go with my course.  The first two labs are to draw and label a microscope, and to draw and label basic equipment found in a lab.  So, we will get to those, and share them here when done.  I am hoping doing it this way will be acceptable, but lets face it I may have to take a lab class, at an actual college.  

We are sort of on a short vacation, because we have family coming to visit from out of state.  DJ will continue to work on his two FLVS classes, though. 

Here are links to draw the microscope, and the basic lab equipment.

Friday, September 25, 2015

College Prep Algebra 1 and A to Z Writing Prompts for 6th Grade

I am not sure if I shared this before, but 2015 has been an interesting, and challenging year.  When I resigned my LPN position in Dec of 2014, my husband and I decided I should go back to school and finish up my RN that I actually started over 15 years ago.  This has been easier said than done, for a lot of reasons.  After much research, praying, and thinking, I have decided that I will start with my pre reqs.  Because, even though I have been an LPN for 30 years, you still either have to take the classes for the credits, or challenge the exam.  This applies even for bridge, or speedy RN classes.  Most people take the test, and get the credits.  So, I am starting with college level Algebra 1.  I know I am crazy, but it is most applicable to the class my son needs the most help with, and the most challenging test probably for me.  I was going to do the English's first, but decided for the Math classes.  I can not take a test for all pre reqs but almost all of them.  Then as I get closer, I can enroll and hopefully get accepted into the nursing program.  Anyway there are several websites, that I will be using to basically take the course for free, then take the paid exam for the credits.  There are paid courses, but why would I want to do that?  I am using Saylor for Algebra 1, and I hope to have it finished, and ready for the test in 30 days.  I know that is ambitious, but some of this stuff I actually know already. 

For my 6th grader, I am working very hard with her this year on her writing and grammar skills.  She is getting frequent writing assignments, almost daily, this year.  So far, they have been fairly short and without too much difficulty.  Since, I want her to learn research too, I will starting a new endeavor for her.  I will give her a letter, in order, from A-Z per week.  She can pick a topic that starts with that letter, that interests her.  She will have one school week, to research, do a rough draft, edit, and then publish to her blog.  I will only be giving her basic help, and tips esp in the editing dept.  All three of us are using a free app called Notebooks, on our devices, to save on paper to take notes, write, and edit our information.  This is a nice way for them to learn to take notes, and use their devices effectively.  Plus, it never seems I can find a pen in this house, lol. 

So, that is what we have been up to.  We have family coming to visit from out of state, next week, so we won't be getting a lot of school work done.  DJ will have to keep up with his FLVS, but neither of those are horribly time consuming. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Disappointed in Science Curriculum

It just is not what I thought it was, a full year curriculum, that was being offered to free to the first certain number of people who signed up.  Guess what, it was three lessons for free, and I advertised a lot for this curriculum.  Oh well, live and learn, should have asked more questions, should have investigated more.  Bleh!

So, instead Caitlin and I will be doing Geography and Geology for 6th grade Science.  She needs to work on map skills, and Geography in general, and we all love rocks in this house.  So, this will work out just fine.  Here are some of the links to websites we will be using.  We actually have a rock tumbler, and some rough.  So, as soon as I remember to buy some grit we can polish some gemstones.

I also have a world History book, but I will be using it for the awesome world maps in this book.  I love maps, especially old maps.  I think we will do some map crafts, and sell some in my Etsy store.

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