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Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Love American Idol

I am so excited about this season, and the way they are picking the top 12 contestants. The three that made it this week were Alexis Grace, Michael, and Danny. I think these were definitely the best of this group. I was not sure Michael would make it, but I am glad he did. I was so happy Tatiana did not go through, I just do not care for her, plus her song and outfit was very boring for her. I am going to try on Saturdays, to do an American Idol post. If you follow, let me know what you think. My 8 yr old was very upset when Stevie the 17 yr old girl, did not make it. I think he has a crush.


betchai said...

Hi Melissa, thanks for posting the video, I forgot to follow the earlier parts, but I hope to remind myself every tuesday and wednesday starting this week. that was funny your 8 yr old has a crush on one of the singers, i know my friend's 13 year old daughter last year also had a crush on the two david's :)

Melissa said...

Then we can discuss it on Saturdays. Have a great day.